Archaeologist John Strongham was working amid the Mayan ruins of Mexico, hoping to uncover the truth about alien visitations said to have occurred there. During the dig, he discovered a long-hidden transportation device that snatched him away from Earth and delivered him to a remote planet in a distant galaxy.

Farsocc is populated by highly intelligent beings. The Soccs, as they call themselves, have been monitoring humanity for the whole of our existence, and plan on ushering earthlings onto the galactic stage by creating a new planet of human beings; the first of many yet to come. 

John will be the founding father of the archetypal planet, but of course, a mother is needed.

Witnessing the power of Farsoccian science, John proposes to breed with another male and create a hybrid race of men. While attempting to wield the power of evolution, he unwittingly sparked the Soccs scientific curiosity. They have the technological capacity to make such a thing so, but at what cost?

If Humankind is to survive outside of Earth, we must rally together and learn to coexist peacefully. We are not the only species in this universe with a noxious past. In the depths of space, resides a toxic and destructive race of beings that will not welcome the spread of humanity and will seek to prevent it.