Brian Anderson

Brian Anderson is an avid Science Fiction fan, short story author, and novelist. Originally from Boston MA, now he resides in Brooklyn NY. Having seen multiple UFO's in his lifetime, he feels confident that intelligent life exists beyond Earth.

Groundwork is Brian's first published novel, and is Book 1 in 'A Series Of Evolutions'.  He's actively working on Book 2 and writing other short stories that will eventually become books of their own. 

His obsession with science fiction began in his adolescence, when he saw a UFO hovering above the skies of his hometown. He describes it as a dark purple triangle. 

When Anderson moved to NYC, his destiny was waiting for him on the front stoop of his new apartment: A box of Sci-Fi books. There were 50 in total and he read them all...twice.

In 2011, he began having vivid dreams of aliens and the ancient Maya. Night after night, his book was revealing itself to him in fragmented pieces. By 2012, Groundwork was underway.

Anderson hopes that his writings will not only entertain readers, but will also inspire the people of Earth to look upon one another with peace, love and understanding.